About us

Is a new take on the century old art of Italian cuisine.

Our chefs are carefully following the old trusted Italian recipes and support the quality of cooking at the highest level. Pizza Italia is ready to prove you how delicious can be real Italian pizza, cooked preserving the century-old traditions of Italian cuisine.

These are real Italian high-quality ingredients.

To preserve true Italian taste and quality, we use products from the best suppliers and completely control the entire technological process of preparing the dough using our own top-secret prescription. Pizza from Pizza Italia – is a special dough, real mozzarella cheese, Italian sausages, fresh meat and vegetables from local Latvian farms, cooperating with us.

This is a variety of choice.

If you convenience the quality of real Italian pizza then you are ready to try something new. A wide range of dishes offered – focaccia, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, piadinas and more. You will find a note of Italian culinary skills in every dish we serve.

You will always find something special for yourself in our restaurants. Share your favorite pizza with a friend, treat your relatives with an unusual focaccia — vegetarian, with meat or fish. In Pizza Italia even the simplest can become special – order French fries and add some Italian filling Quatro Formaggi, bacon and onions, arugula and parmesan cheese! Nutritious, tasty and specially for you!

It’s a chance to impress even the most sophisticated gourmet where it is more convenient.

Pizza Italia restaurants are in Riga city! We will be glad to see you in our restaurants located in the center of Riga (Brīvības bulvāris 30-1), Rīga Plaza shopping center and Olympia shopping center.

Where do you prefer to have a dinner? At home? At work? In a restaurant? Outdoors? Call and order delivery for a certain time or make a reservation in our restaurant by calling +371 20282821 or making purchase on the website.

We are open to cooperate and serve lunch offers to the enterprises or gladly arrange a banquet for family holiday by embodying any of your gastronomic wishes.

It's a confident look into tomorrow.

With your support we are constantly getting better. Pizza Italia is a family business, inspired by Italian cuisine. First of all, we like to cook deliciously, and we live with it.

Our motivation — your appetite. Our main goal is your smile and we are ready to achieve it by doing what we do best – by cooking the traditional Italian cuisine but not only.


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